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'm so glad you made it here. You obviously know a good thing when you see it.

 A few weeks ago Mr Nose had Advocate Stephan du Toit in the witness box under close cross-examination. He is the owner of Mont du Toit Estate in Wellington and has just released his Mont du Toit 2002.

Now you ask why the late release? We are told that the wine could only be released once it reached it's optimum potential and now 400 cases are available.

A smooth customer. What's more, Mont du Toit 2002 is an expensive wine. But then the 2003 was awarded 4 stars and most of Mont du Toit is exported.

To make doubly sure we again asked Bill Cooper-Williams for his trusted opinion: "Blend unknown but Cabernet and Merlot detectable. Some browing on the edges but looking young for its age. Gentle yet well integrated nose. Soft wood pervades the aroma. Taste: Very fruity base with clean aftertaste. Alcohol (14%) not intrusive; in fact the wine has lighter than expected weight. This wine has fresh fruitiness on front palate with lingering aftertaste. Gentle and complex, it should be consumed now and preferably with uncomplicated food such as rare roast beef so that the flavour of the wine is not compromised by spicy or other savoury tastes. A wine finesse. Score: 17 (which equates to "outstanding" on the Robert Parker Scale)."

P.S. Mr Nose wants to share his latest embarrassing moment with his fellow wine lovers. Last month he unearthed what he thought were four "excellent" wines, which he sent to Bill for his opinion. The first three came back with the note "also tasted" which, in wine lingo, means "eminently forgettable". Something of a shock to Mr Nose, who was begiining to rate himself a wine fundi. Only the Mont du Toit 2002 came out tops. 

And it is worth every cent.


The whole package – six bottles of Mont du Toit 2002 – is going for just R846, and will be delivered to you anywhere in South Africa.

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