Dear Editor

The Frank 'n Trish show

I especially liked your piece about the Mother of all mayors. Oh dear!
Councillor’s spouse,
Cape Town

You omitted to mention that, in addition to her ATIC salary of R78 660 per year, she for some time also received the same allowance as that paid to councillors (an extra R1 350 per month) – for buying clothes. The council approved the allowance on 28 Nov. 1991 and would have happily continued paying it, had we not got wind of the matter and brought it to the attention of the Administrator of the Cape, who declared it unlawful. The Council rescinded Trish’s extra allowance on 15 October 1992. But she was allowed to retain the roughly R12 500 she had already received.
Is it not extraordinary that the mayor – a well-qualified, respected and very successful businessman who is already in receipt of a full pension from the Provincial Council, and who himself receives an enormous allowance as mayor – should have expected the elderly, the poor and the financially oppressed of Cape Town to clothe his wife, when she is already receiving R6 000 per month for a job to which she is unable to attend? It also raises questions about the funds voted for assisting approximately 300 AIDS victims – could the money better not be spent on more widespread diseases such as TB?
Frank Helm, Ratepayers in Revolt,

Under the bedclothes

I enjoyed Issue No. 1, although it is not what I expected. I was looking forward to something humorous, and found that, in fact, it reports on various acts of skullduggery in a very serious way.
In contrast to your articles, I found your humour less enjoyable. Surely you could find some way to score off Jane, other than by putting a nude on the cover? I am a simple little old mannikin with pointy ears, who lives among a lot of old-fashioned but otherwise harmless old folks. It is a pity that I have to read the modern equivalent of the “Police Gazette” under the bedclothes, for fear of being thought a voyeur.
I wish you every success with your written work. Let us get some of these pirates behind bars.
S G Appel – Vereeniging

Dr Zackyl and Mr Take-you-for-a-ride

De Beers were cosier with the Regime than you can ever imagine. On the road out of Kimberley to the west lies the De Beers farm, Rooipoort, a well-stocked hunting farm. On it is an old, historical building that few have seen, let alone entered, known as the Shooting Box. Here, Harry and the Boys from Anglo and De Beers do some shooting and relax. Here, too, were invited (in the 70’s and 80’s) most of the Military and Nationalist Top Brass to relax, shoot game and talk. An invitation such as this could only come from Harry himself. Most behaved themselves, except for Magnus and a few of his cronies. Often at night they would creep in on a sleeping comrade and douse him with a bucket of water. Ha, ha, funny key. Harry was not amused. The upshot: locks were fitted to the doors so that visitors could safely retire at night when Magnus and the boys were around. One wonders, of course, what was discussed between the brass and their hosts, staunch supporters of the old Progressive Party.
Roamer, Cape

Fera and trembling at NAT press?

I tried to buy your magazine in [Nasionale Pers’s] Leisure Books, Cape Town and was advised that they “were not permitted to sell it”. Is this in the spirit of the free flow of information?
Cameron Gray, Cape Town

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