Mielies and megalomania

Mielies and megalomania

Seed companies, like banks, are willing to take insane risks in the pursuit of market domination. Monsanto admits that some maize fields have suffered 50% losses.

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Scott Cundill of Johannesburg on 2009-06-13 22:08:56
Any sane, rational human being who has bothered to do any significant research into GMO's will come to the conclusion that Monsanto is the most repulsive company on the planet. The entire concept of a GMO is flawed and totally unecessary. Article after article, book after book has been written about how terrible these things are. A documentary aired on French TV called "The World According to Monsanto" (free on Google) woke people up in that country so badly that GMO's virtually died there and then. SA has NO IDEA what is going on.

Noseweek, you have only touched the surface. Please do a report on the "terminator gene" that only allows a seed to germinate x number of times before you have to buy it again (from the company that suppies it). And perhaps mention the fact that Round Up is a herbacide that MONSANTO sells because only MONSANTO seeds are resistant to it. And, when you're done maybe you would care to prepare us for seeds spliced with genes that have pharmaceutical qualities? Yes, you will soon be able buy apples that cure headaches.

Right now you can go online and buy a glo-fish (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GloFish) which is a goldfish spliced with the glowing gene of a jellyfish. They are fish that glow in the dark.


Editor's Note
Sane! Rational! strange words that should never be used in the same sentence as far as profits are concerned.
Submitted by : Pete Swanepoel of MONTCLAIR on 2009-05-29 14:52:19
"Clearly, Monsanto don’t bother, before releasing it on the market, to test the seed resulting from reversals of male and female lines through a full growing cycle."
Oh, but they do. They test it on us. If it's OK, they'll release it on the American market.

Peter. Greenies are called "ill-informed and hysterical nuts" by people who hate us asking questions. Be suspicious of THEM, not of greenies. Ask yourself "Who's more likely to be lying?". AND ask lots of other questions, too. Honest people will simply answer your questions truthfully (even when the true answer is "don't know yet").
Submitted by : Sherryn Thompson of Northriding on 2009-05-29 10:51:51
If Monsanto did not bother to prove the viability of the seeds, what proof have they that the genes inserted to provide a pesticide and a herbicide do not affect human health? Very few of us would intentionally pour a herbicide or pesticide down our throats. Greenies may be "hysterical nuts" but judging by this article perhaps they have a valid reason.
Submitted by : B A NORVAL of Sandton on 2009-05-29 08:28:51
Gene sequences of organisms have been in "development" for millions of years. The ones that fail, do so, and do not propogate. Yes, even Ma Nature makes mistakes. However these mistakes are quickly eridacted by the phenomenon of survival of the fittest. By harbouring weakness, and even cultivating it, man undermines this most basic phenomenon. Building a vast base of homogenous genome, will impact biodiversity. Less biodiversity, the more impact a given failure would have.

You can grow meilies the size of an elephant's foot if you want. The point is, if it becomes a standard and then if it fails, what do you do?
Submitted by : Peter Brierley of BALLITO on 2009-05-28 14:48:09
I have read with interest the various "greenie" comments regarding genetically engineered foodstuffs. Mostly I think they are a bunch of ill-informed and hysterical nuts! That having been said, I think there is a considerably more sinister threat posed by the control of foodstuff production in the hands of a small community (in this case two companies). Imagine if the US decided to withhold supply of seed to a country/ies dependent on maize as a basic food... they could literally annex a country without wasting a shot!


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