While America burns

While America burns

The next phase of the financial meltdown will infect the social and political arenas - with scary consequences, writes James Howard Kunstler.

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Anthony Krijger of Westville on 2009-05-11 20:44:54
All of this is feasible, except AIG will never be allowed to fold. What you've all forgotten is that they run Congress's pension scheme.
Submitted by : Karen Campbell of King Williams Town on 2009-05-02 17:08:54
Give the global financial crunch, it is probably high time that the plug is pulled on the billions of dollars that are poured into the bottomless pit called Africa. Africa needs to grow up, lose the 'colonialist' rhetoric and face up to the fact that 90% of the continent is ruled by black colonialists whose only interest is in themselves - without a thought for the poor for whom the aid is intended in the first place. Let it stand on its own two feet now - countries need to look after their own people before pouring more aid into Africa. Nothings changes anyway - the birthrates are the same or keep going up - but hey! why change when you can hold out your hand for aid?

Editor's Note
Yeah, but the credit crunch had nothing to do with aid into Africa... AIG... Bear Stearns... and the list goes on... It was mismanagement at Wall Street... was Bernard Madoff an African? Greed knows no race or creed.


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