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Advice for a new-found love

Your magazine feeds my sense of righteous indignation and – by contrast, of course, with the rogues featured – makes me feel close to perfect. I love it!
I willingly pay the price, but for general readership it is expensive. May I suggest a way to bring the cover price down? How about a list of the rogues featured in your articles (something like a moral credit rating) but next to each name could be a (large) sum of money, upon payment of which the name would be removed from the list? While this might make your magazine rather bulky, it would perform a useful public service.
Great idea! See the index of names in noseweek on our website at www.moseweek.co.za. Sorry, quality never comes cheap.
*PS: It has been rumoured, however, that those who take 10 or more subscriptions for friends are rewarded with anonymity. Who knows? – Ed.

Dianne Feinstein

We are extremely upset about your references to Di Feinstein (The Black Haredi, nose29). Where do you get your information? Di has always been a trusting, honest extrovert with a wonderful giving nature. It is no secret that she supported the ANC long before it became ‘fashionable’ and had to hide behind covers for very obvious reasons at the time.
She got involved with the wrong ‘Jew’ in her late 20s when she ‘dafke’ opened the first multiracial nightclub, the Kraal, in Claremont. For this she still pays a price. But ‘unsavoury’? We don’t think so.
The fact that she took three black kids under her wing was also unacceptable to the ‘community’. We remember [name with-held] not allowing her daughter, Heidi, to sleep over at Di’s house because Thobela (two years old at the time) bathed in the same bath as her daughters. She held down two jobs to support her extended family.
She loved animals, old folks and kids. We remember her picking up a tortoise that had been run over on High Level Road and taking it to Dr Fries for care. She visited old folk at Highlands House whose families didn’t bother with them. She is the only person we know who took orphans out of Nazareth House for the weekend.
You call her dishonest? Because some people didn’t approve of her beliefs and because she never fitted into the kugel mould?
Di’s life took a drastic turn when she and Stan fell victim to Schmuel Deri and his father’s scam. We met Schmuel in her home. One of us said we didn’t like the look of him and her response was, ‘How can you say that? He’s a very clever boy and the son of a rabbi. I’ve met his father in Paris, such a nice man.’ So she was wrong. But how come so many ‘smart’ men in the community believed him and that’s acceptable?
Friends in Camps Bay tried desperately to protect Di, her kids and her grandson from all the really scary threats. How can you question her leaving the country? Di had no choice. It’s our loss.

Thirty-six percent interest on a dollar investment, when the going rate was 6%? Could Schmuel Deri’s victims have been that gullible?
DAVID KRAMER, Johannesburg

Hansie and Tim Noakes

How ironic that no less a person than Prof Tim Noakes should join the Hansie bashing brigade, branding him among other things a ‘genetic rogue’. Does he mean that the Cronjes carry some kind of rogue gene that is passed from father to son? If this is his intention, Tim Noakes should be wary of the old adage about casting the first stone. Readers may be interested to know that his father amassed a fortune sanctions-busting for UDI Rhodesia. A British subject, he was obliged to live a life of sheltered luxury in Cape Town as a fugitive from British justice. Noakes snr is long departed but his son, the beneficiary of ill-gotten gains, imagines he can pontificate about Hansie’s pedigree?!

Christo Wiese and FW de Klerk

In mid-1995 FW de Klerk and I chatted at Nice airport, France. He said he was avoiding a diplomatic arrival because he was on a private visit. Christo Wiese and his father-in-law, Japie Basson, were at the airport to meet the De Klerks and they spent a few days together cruising the Riviera in a privately chartered ship, at the small charge of S$25 000 a day.
Perhaps this was Christo’s small thank you for all FW did to silence Rapport on the Lanzerac issue? It fits in with your story!
NAME WITHHELD, Port Elizabeth

Allan Boesak

I should very much like to have your views on why the Allan Boesak affair dragged on for so long.
See noses 11 and 13. Years of training in the Dutch Reformed Church helped him master a preaching style designed to lend a tone of religious authority to any text. As many of his Afrikaner nationalist masters so ably demonstrated, it can be used to confuse masses of people. Like them, he used it for ‘the right cause at the right time’.
Finally, he shared some of his spoils with people in high places, who believe Boesak broke only one rule worthy of punishment, the so-called Eleventh Commandment: ‘Though shalt not get caught’. – Ed.

Paddy Policansky’s will

Your article about the late Mrs Policansky and how our director, Peter Davis, benefitted under her will (nose28) makes Peter look bad. The truth is quite different. The Davis family knew Mrs Policansky for 17 years before she died (aged 83 and not 94 as stated). To quote Peter: 'We were regular visitors. She was the first to visit my wife when our first child was born 15 years ago. She treated my wife like an adopted daughter. I believe her relationship with us brought joy to her life because, by choice, she did not have many friends.’
No self-respecting attorney should manipulate a client, but there is surely nothing wrong in a client appointing her friend as attorney and allowing him to benefit under her will? We are avid noseweek readers. Please don’t let your standards slip.

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