Donné fined for donnering Douw's date

Donné fined for donnering Douw's date

Douw Steyn insists she's a Miss, she insists she's his Missus. 

After he had given his evidence, magistrate Boshoff asked him: “Mr Steyn, was the circus really necessary last time?”

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : on 2009-04-16 11:03:21
Dont knock it till you have tried it.............and suceeded - as he appears to have done. OFTEN!
Submitted by : Gary Drimie of Jeffreys Bay on 2009-04-11 17:12:36
This Douw Steyn is a crass, ill bred idiot. His women, who flock to him, are surely not there for his looks, because I have never seen such an ugly, fat, ill mannered lout as this before. This fkr thinks he is God!
Submitted by : Steve Van Niekerk of East London on 2009-03-27 15:04:58
Reading this pathetic ,childish and downright amusing tale of the goings on amongst the well-to-do makes me relieved, blessed and privileged to be poor and low profile.
Submitted by : Pete Swanepoel of MONTCLAIR on 2009-03-27 11:17:34
Douw-eyed! LOL
So it's true, then? Billions will get you the chicks - even if only temporarily!


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