Amehlo 2003

'm so glad you made it here. You obviously know a good thing when you see it.

The wine Mr Nose has sniffed out for you this month is not of the cheap and cheerful kind; it's so good it's sure to knock the socks off your dinner guests (assuming they wear socks).

Mr Nose's liquid treasure for April is Amehlo 2003, a Bordeaux-style blend that bagged 4½ stars in the Platter guide! (Not being the trusting sort, this world-weary old hack also checked out the wine bible's assessment with two trade insiders, Harry van den Berg and Bill Cooper-Williams. “Superb,” they both said.)

So Mr Nose managed to bag the last 348 boxes in existence. (A small confession: there were 350 boxes, but Mr Nose decided to celebrate his purchase with a toast and, well, one thing led to another.)

So, now it's your chance.


The Amehlo 2003 comes packed six bottles to a box. To buy twelve bottles – the minimum order – or more, select the quantity you want and click the “Buy Now” button below .... (Delivery is included in the price)
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