Dear Editor

Auditors are not tops

You ask (in nose111) if we should be adding auditors to the list of untrustworthy professionals. Absolutely – and they must be firmly placed at the top of the list.

Most are well-spoken and educated, but don’t be fooled; these are predators of the worst kind, which they are taught to be at the universities. Students think Milton Friedman’s bullshit is clever, then graduate and become “creative” accountants, setting example for other professionals with their tricks of the trade – tax evasion, Vat theft, overcharging, theft of investors’ funds, etc.

“Independent” auditors and their clients need to be spot-audited regularly by the Dept of Finance; the recovery would cover the expense and make a profit.

Catch ‘em and cage ‘em to eliminate corruption, I say.   

Len Palmer

North Riding, Johannesburg

Beware Greek brothers

We live behind Bel Air mall and since building operations began, we have experienced constant noise, pollution, inconvenience and unprofessionalism from the developers (nose111).

Last year, Dimitri Theodosiou approached us with a plan to build a Virgin Active gym on top of the basement parking adjacent to our property. He assured us that we would not have to tolerate noise or inconvenience. I was very sceptical. He referred us to the Virgin Active at Lonehill Mall and said we could speak to some of the residents who live adjacent to it. After speaking to just one resident, I knew we were in for a nasty surprise! I told him that we are not prepared to sign, and since then haven’t heard anything from him or his architects. Now I know why!

About 70% of the floor space in Bel Air Mall is vacant – they wanted the Virgin Active to generate more traffic through the centre. I hope ABSA have learnt their lesson.

Ilona Ferreira


Learning from lousy Setas

I have followed your story about the INSETA with interest, not only because I was a representative of the Electrical Contractors’ Association on the Energy SETA (ESETA) Board, but also because you managed to raise Sam Moratoba: I had thought he did not exist.

It is common cause that SETAs in general have failed to live up to expectations. Many have been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, in particular the number of CEOs who have been ousted from their highly-paid jobs. The ESETA has a similar dismal history. After three years on the ESETA board they declared me persona non grata and would not answer my queries. I decided I would take up just one complaint with the Department of Labour: an alleged irregular expenditure of R1.36m.

I wrote to Mr Moratoba – not once but nineteen times – without response. I then wrote to the Minister, who said he would instruct Mr Moratoba to investigate. Mr Moratoba ignored his Minister.

I eventually took up the matter with the auditor general’s office. After going through the documentation they agreed that there was a case to be answered, but – “so much water has flowed under the bridge since you raised this matter (i.e. the thirty months I had spent trying to get Moratoba to do something!) that there is little that we can now do”.

The ESETA’s training programme in the electrical industry has collapsed. The “learnership” system that was supposed to be the answer to a dream has been abandoned. We have returned to the tried and tested apprenticeship system, which even the ESETA cannot f#@k up.

Bernie Carr


WEE hogging it

It’s not just our BEE heroes who were pillaging the country. There are also our WEE brothers, with more money than morals, lining their already fat pockets with even more dosh. It makes me positively sick reading of the lying, cheating, thieving greed of those who can manipulate the law, bribe the authorities and fool the uninformed public.

These are supposedly the pillars of society, the “celebrities” seen dishing out ill-gotten gains at “charity” functions.

Have these gluttons ever given a thought to what they are leaving to their descendents – apart from stolen money?

Jo Maxwell

Rosebank, Western Cape

Catalogue of library woes

Following on the report on the state of the National Library (nose108), I would like to know why the situation at the Cape Town branch is being allowed to deteriorate so markedly.

I am a regular visitor, and every time I go there something else does not work. Among recent examples are the staff entrance security door and the clocking-in system. Everywhere paint is peeling off the walls.

Thank you for drawing the public’s attention to the ongoing deterioration – please help keep it there until someone in high places does something about it.


Cape Town

Harold’s sweet stuff

I just have to tell you how much I enjoy Harold Strachan. I always read your mag Chinese style – back to front – and have a good chuckle. Then on to Marike’s bittersweet webdreams – always worth it for the interesting internet trawl based on her recommendations. All this  before tackling the meat-and-potatoes that make your mag what it is – a bloody good read.

But I do like to start with the sweet stuff; and Harold – sigh – well, he’s the cherry on top!

Melody Mitchell

By email

Inside shrink’s mind

Psychiatrist Ray Berard (nose109) doesn’t just have sex on his mind: he’s as obsessed with money. Berard and his partner Michael Edwards are not only directors of Prestige Cosmetics – they also own a care facility, St Anthony’s Home, in Little Mowbray. It is very expensive and well run, with excellent staff.

Staff Nurse Angela Croft (58), has been working for St Anthony’s for 23 years. She has been, so to say, the home’s backbone and is loved by staff and patients.

When she was diagnosed with advanced colon cancer in October 2008, “Angel” Croft carried on working for a while, but eventually had to go on sick leave, during which she received her normal salary. But, unable to go back to work, she found, two days before Christmas, that she was to get only R1600, instead of her usual R10,000 per month.

After 23 years of service they could have been a bit more compassionate. It suggests that Dr Berard is there to fuck the patients and Michael Edwards the staff.

Angela now stands to lose the house she is renting, and can’t pay her living expenses and doctors’ bills.

It’s a disgrace!

Tony De Gouveia

by email

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