Stonewalling is when Audi Fourways drives your car at high speed into a garden wall.

And then says nothing.

Audi dealer keeps shtoom after writing off client's car.


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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Quentin Richardson of Johannesburg on 2008-10-31 13:06:23
I took my car back to Audi Fourways 4 times only for the smash and grab to be correctly installed. Short version, I had it done elsewhere and they picked up the bill. Now I need to get the driver door-panel's armrest replaced which was broken in process. Try beat 3 month old A4 out-of-box purchase and has been to Audi dealerships 8 occasions already and have hopefully 1 more session to rectify the mistakes. [sic] To top all this the car is yet to clock 10 000 kms!!!
Submitted by : Ivan Medak on 2008-10-30 10:29:38
Utter rubbish!! Any self respecting motor dealer will carry a Motor Traders Internal/External policy to cover just these eventualities! What if Mr.Patterson's insurance was placed on a named driver basis then his insurance would repudiate and justifiably so!! Cheap shot Audi Fourways!!
Submitted by : Les Wittenberg of EZE VILLAGE on 2008-10-29 10:26:29
Don't feel left out of the Audi dealership in South Africa. My son bought a new Audi A3 in Nice, France - 12 minutes and 3 kilometers out of the dealership the radiator blew !! Desole mon ami ....but its not the dealership problem - you must call Audi Assist !! Not even a Gallic shrug or comment from Audi - no loan car - nix...nada ...So...3 months later a replacement new car finally arrives....bottom line - they could not give a stuff - and this is an Audi international infection and seems to be part of the training course for their dealers


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