No place like home

No place like home

Max du Preez takes a turn in the Balkans and gains some insights about South Africa.

There I was in the south-Serbian backwater of Vranje, washing down excellent cavapcici and red peppers with a cool Jelen Pivo, when a fellow traveller, who had just received a phone call from home, shouted across the restaurant: "Thabo has been kicked out! Kgalema is our new president!"


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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Bouille Reyneke of Johannesburg on 2009-06-15 15:29:55
With reference to your last paragraph - the answer is really quite simple...

You will hear similar statements from people having visited some of our neighbouring countries to the north of us here in Africa. Very little crime, people less aggressive etc...

The reason is : they, (as in the Balkans) had already been through civil wars where everything, (and everybody who had something), had been destroyed.
There is nothing left (of value) to steal and everybody is now equal because everybody has nothing - or as with communism - an EQUALLY LITTLE AMOUNT of something...

Wouldn't it be sad if SA had to go through a similarly destructive cycle in order to achieve "equality" and almost no crime ? Let's rather learn from the failed ideologies of the past, be they political, social or economical and let's build on the principles enshrined in our very progressive constitution !


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