Fashion, passion and the shrink

Fashion, passion and the shrink

The breakdown of Stuart and Sylvia Ireland's marriage, and the role of her psychiatrist in it, has much in common with the global financial meltdown.

For a start, the obsessive, heartless pursuit of profit, followed by equally obsessive and pointless consumption/shopping; the apparent complete absence of sense and sensibility.

Here it comes with obsessive, loveless, essentially masturbatory sex to match. (Wasn’t it inevitable – even if we are a little shocked – that, in the midst of the money maelstrom, we would find a supposedly respectable someone fucking someone else that he definitely ought not to have been?)

Now one has to ask: is the collapse so profound that even the psychiatrists are falling apart?

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Submitted by : Harri Narismulu of Hillary on 2008-10-30 03:24:00
Great use of language; brilliant expose. How can someone shop like this? Obscene!! Are these people for real????


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