Bankers, lawyers and whores

Bankers, lawyers and whores

Absa is up to its old tricks -- again.

Cobus Potgieter probably won’t be the last person to be taken to the cleaners by Absa. But he’s one of the few with the balls to fight back.

He persuaded Absa to provide a loan for the development of 740 plots. To limit Absa’s exposure, he would first have to secure pre-sales of at least R30m, but Absa’s alteration of this figure to R58m led to the collapse of the deal, and subsequently to Absa suing Potgieter.

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Conflict Of Interest
Cobus Potgieter
Judge Bennie Griesel
board minutes
Maria Ramos
property development
Dave Chambers
Paul Marais
Gerrit Hickman
Derek Wille
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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Barry Midgley of DURBAN on 2008-07-08 12:32:09
I am told by my attorney that whores screw less people
Submitted by : Siobhan Ruadhans of Cape Town on 2008-06-26 15:26:33
The worst performance in this comi-tragedy has to be that of Judge Griesel. Lawyers turn logic on its head daily as long as they can away with it. However, It is the sworn duty of Judges not to allow such abuses--not to add to them! Then, to add insult to injury he bases his judgment on an obscure Dutch law--which on its face is absurd and would not be enacted into law anywhere but ZIM nowadays. This entire affair is obscene in its mendacity. The bank's obviously unlimited capacity for Machiavellian sharp practice and its unlimited hubris in defending itself guarantees that it will prevail when it is apparent that a massive fraud has been perpetrated. How can it be legal for a bank to set impossible terms on its loans and then sit back and wait for people to be ruined for no reason at all? "Bankers and lawyers, whores and usurers." Can I tell the difference? Not in this fiasco!
Submitted by : Toni Goncalves of Johannesburg on 2008-06-25 16:14:22


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