Fuel from the mouths of the poor

Biofuels have become another front in the ongoing war between the "people's wing" of the ANC and its "business wing".

Noseark first alerted readers two years back to the insanity of turning food into fuel - in nose78 we reported on the global context, and then in nose90 had a look at South Africa's official approach to biofuels.

We're now happy and sad - to note that our stories were ahead of the curve; when few others were paying attention we warned of crazy rises in food prices and runaway environmental destruction being triggered by biofuels demand.

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Submitted by : RC Webb of BLETCHLEY on 2008-05-28 15:28:28
Dear Sirs,
I wish it to be on record that I DO NOT,HAVE NOT or in the future WILL NOT advocate state- supported food grants and subsidies.
Please refrain from using my name in vain.
Sincerely yours
M.Mouse Esq.


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