Jew must be kidding!

Jew must be kidding!

Did Dr Bill Venter really make that anti-Semitic remark, or is he the one being slandered?

Is Greg Blank spreading a false, slanderous and spiteful tale about the electronics billionaire - because his fiancée’s parents left their jobs at Venter's country hide-away under a cloud?

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Rowsab Maritz of Sydney on 2008-06-04 06:57:13
Among the elegant an HC doctorate is never used outside of the institution granting same. Suggest consideration be given by some to use the title Herr Dr Dr as some nationalities do. Remembering that dear Bill has a number of HC doctorates.
Submitted by : Danny Sabbagh of HOUGHTON on 2008-05-29 17:58:13
Hi - Lapin is not exactly an objective source - if I remember correctly he is/was married to one of Venter's ex-wife's sisters. He also does certain Altech/Altron work. He would not exactly say otherwise would he?

I must tell you that it would not surprise me though - Venter has the reputation of being a nasty piece of work on occasion. He has not been married 5 times for no good reason and he definitely did not make his money because he was a mug. Very clever man - knows what good advice is. There are many of them out there - very anti semitic but know what good advice is. As for Blank - well he is not so clever is he!


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