This first edition is dedicated to the memory of Willem A Joubert 1918-1992.

In his lifetime Senior Counsel, Dean of Law at the University of South Africa, Editor-in-Chief of The Law of South Africa, and a man of spirit and integrity. He was a trustee of The Paper Club that sponsored publication of the original nose magazine in 1984, and was one of its first, amused, subscribers.

The cover picture is a terrible fake. Everybody knows that Cosmo’s admirable Jane would never take off her clothes. And anybody who’s seen her naked, knows that’s not her body. But Jane has always been a great sport. Apologies also to the great master Matisse and his beautiful 1939 model.

But it’s all in a very good cause: the cause of women’s greater liberation. How better for a woman to assert her unique, individual femininity than to take off her clothes? And, if like Madonna in Cosmo, she (and we) can make money in the process, so much the better.

Welcome, Dear Reader
to the first issue of noseweek. Worthy of a special introduction here is our London correspondent, Lorana Sullivan. An American, Lorana was the first woman reporter hired by the Wall Street Journal. Having worked for the Journal in Pittsburgh, New York and London, she moved on to the pre-Murdoch Sunday Times, where she spent ten happy years as an investigative reporter on the renowned “Insight” team, followed by another ten years at The Observer. She is currently freelancing and, as she puts it, rediscovering the seven-day week. Other great contributors prefer to remain anonymous, for the moment. But read on, and you shall see what you shall see.

- The Editor

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