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Lester’s Sleepy Hollow
As a property owner in “sleepy Kenton-on-Sea” I read with interest your latest report (nose79) on the Mathew Lester house saga. The claim by the Ndlambe Council’s Angus Schlemmer that the original building on Lester’s property “is an outbuilding and as such is permitted” is both inaccurate and outrageous. This so-called “outbuilding” was the home of Lester’s parents for a decade or two and it became his home. And one of the prof’s latest tricks has been to attempt to subdivide his property (against council regulations), presumably so he can sell off the half with the so-called outbuilding as a separate home. 

The main culprit is the Ndlambe Council (which, so I was informed at a ratepayers’ meeting in December, is some R50-million in the red). My rates have, in just two years, with the help of a revaluation and then an unexplained hike, gone from just under R4,000 a year to almost R13,000.

And then there are the council’s attempts to address the annual water shortage by commissioning a scheme to draw water from the Bushman’s River. The council gave the contract to a local BEE company that collapsed.

An investigation of the Ndlambe Municipality could reveal a much juicier saga than Mathew’s Monstrosity as it is known to many locals.

T Murray

Back on top with Black Top

Thanks for your piece about Black Top Surfaces (nose79).

On 12 April 2006 I hitched my banner trailer and travelled the 100km from Witbank to Benoni on business and my last stop was at Black Top Surfaces, Benoni – 10 minutes before their staff knocks off! I parked in front of their gate and soon there was a lot of movement.

Some staff gave me the thumbs up, others seemed not happy and management popped out of their offices taking photos on their cellphone cameras!

Late on 13 April Black Top phoned to say they would pay me and remove my company, SignMax, from their vendor list!

I was happy about the payment but sad at being dropped – I always delivered a good quality product on time.
On 18 April I was paid – a cheque went into my account.

There is something I’ve never understood in the 20 years I’ve been an entrepreneur: Why do some people not see paying as a natural follow-up to buying?

Theo Vermaak

Beemer me up

Thanks for running the story of my problems with my BMW (nose79).

The response has been amazing – BMW SA and Jhb Cuty Auto and Motorite have agreed to either have the car fixed at their cost and to pay the costs I’ve incurred over the past 16 months, or to scrap the car and sort out the outstanding debt and past costs.

Thanks to Litha and Peter at JCA and Aaron at BMW SA, who weren’t aware of the scale of the problem and are now satisfied that my intention is not to defraud anyone.

Thanks to noseweek’s Jack Lundin for achieving in a few days what I couldn’t get done in 16 months.

The only player who hasn’t come to the party (no surprise) is Aston Auto, who continue ducking and diving. I have received permission to hold a picket outside their showroom.

Julian Rod

Bok colours for noseweek
Only one of Springbok’s six shops sells noseweek – buried under subversive trash like Huisgenoot and Die Son.

I love the way you expose the constant bullying of the middle class by the banks. I feel the money leaving my pocket when I enter my bank’s security doors.

I have cancelled all my insurance policies and set up a trust instead, as the revolt in me grows each time I hear of yet another person suckered out of his hard-earned money.

We live in an ANC-based community. The businesses in town owned by politicians are no secret; the partiality to certain groups when it comes to tenders is well known. There are hundreds of municipal mismanagement cases waiting to be uncovered. And yet, the President claims, “I’m watching you, corrupt councillors”. Is it a question of “I like corruption – I can watch it for hours”?

Bribery is so common that a friend in the mining-supply industry gets a monthly budget for bribing. Wait, I hear a stampede … oh, it’s the Sewende Laan/Huisgenoot club lynching non-believers. Please withhold my name as they know where I live.

Harry Kalahari

The Grahamstonians are coming!
In recent months I’ve noticed a very marked increase in the number of CF (ie Grahamstown) registered vehicles in and around the Western Cape, far more than one would expect. I’m guessing there must be an economic reason for it, eg insurance scam, licence fees etc. I asked a driver of one such vehicle about it and he just smiled ... Could one of your sleuths check it out?

Ray Botha
Newlands, Cape Town

The entire noseweek office was sunk into deep depression at the prospect of an invasion of Cape Town by scamming Grahamstown hicks. Then a distant memory slowly surfaced: Many, many years ago when the Eastern and Western Cape provinces went their separate ways, the former adopted an entirely new vehicle registration system. The CF prefix became obsolete in the Easteren Cape and now indicates parts of Greater Cape Town, among them Kuils River. Keep up the sterling work with those conspiracy theories! – Ed

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