The killer Quantums stalking SA's roads

The killer Quantums stalking SA's roads

Toyota and authorities knew for three years about unsafe jerry-rigged taxis, but did nothing to stop the carnage.

If you know what to look for you will spot them all over South Africa: Toyota Quantum fake minibus taxis which are actually illegally converted Toyota Quantum panel vans that were designed to carry goods, not passengers.

Somehow, with official sanction, these vans have bypassed the safety standards and specifications that are compulsory for any passenger vehicles licensed to drive on South Africa’s roads. Since 2005 millions of commuters have used these death-trap taxis for transport, oblivious to the dangers they posed. Sadly, many did not complete their journeys.

Aware that the illegal conversions broke the law, Toyota South Africa, while warning their dealers about this, nevertheless told them how they might get around the problem and continue selling vans for conversion to taxis while avoiding liability (See here for a copy of Toyota’s official notification).

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Lloyd Macklin of Vaal Marina on 2018-07-29 12:29:45
The writer uses loaded language and innuendo to build the case against the sale of modified vehicles. Implication is that many Toyota franchised dealers were directly and willingly involved in the sale of modified vehicles. The truth is that most of the Panel-vans were modified and sold by non franchise used car outlets who saw an opportunity when Toyota was unable to supply.
The Taxi associations were more than happy to issue permits for these vehicles and as usual the Banks turned a blind eye.

Editor's Note
No, the writer makes the point that Toyota and its dealerships knew why the sale of panel vans had doubled in a year, but said nothing for three years because it suited them; even after that they simply quietly created a legal out from liability for themselves, but failed to warn the public at large. Yes, as the story also points out, taxi associations and banks were equally at fault, because it was the most profitable route for them to follow, never mind a few hundred deaths and scores of unsophisticated new taxi owners left burdened with a debt they can never repay.


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