How to defuse SA's ticking time bomb

How to defuse SA's ticking time bomb

A basic income grant is a necessity, not a luxury, if  the country is to avoid a social catastrophe for all its citizens – according to DA MP Karen Jooste.

When, in May, the ANC rejected a recommendation that the Child Support Grant be raised to match that of the food poverty line, DA MP Karen Jooste felt a surge of “ice cold hatred” for those voting against the proposal.

It was the third time that Parliament’s Appropriations Committee had decided against recommending the proposed social grants increase. A key reason given was that it would be “too much work” to amend the Appropriations bill. The child support grant stands at R400/month while the food poverty line (FPL) is set at R441/month. The FPL is the rand value below which individuals are unable to buy or consume enough food to supply them with the minimum per-capita-per-day energy requirement for adequate health.

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Submitted by : Piglet on 2018-06-27 09:47:47
This lady exemplifies Steven Covey's basic requirement for getting something done. Knowing what to do how to do it and why. As in the three legged stool if one is missing it falls over. In today's amateur society how often do you wonder if politicians know what they are doing, how to do it and why. Jooste stands out as a rare professional in a sea of amateurs.


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