Kangaroo cowboys go wild on the West Coast

Kangaroo cowboys go wild on the West Coast

Murder and menaces ignored as Oz mining outfit trashes SA environment laws. 

Sikhosiphi Bazooka Radebe, a leader among anti-mining activists in the Amadiba area of Pondoland on the Wild Coast, was murdered on 22 March this year. He had led opposition to attempts by Australian company Mineral (Resource) Commodities Ltd (MRC) to extract the titanium-rich mineral sands that lie at the heart of his people’s Wild Coast territory.

While MRC strenuously denied any connection with Radebe’s as-yet unsolved murder – he was shot eight times outside his Xolobeni home – at least three other MRC opponents in the area have died or been killed under suspicious circumstances.

Locals recall that Patrick Caruso, brother of MRC’s CEO Mark Caruso, said in 2007, “…there is always blood where there are these types of projects and in my experience, you cannot have development without blood”.

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Submitted by : Ian Ashmole on 2016-06-25 21:59:17
Debbie Ntombela! Remember her well - she took over as Regional Manager for the North West from Koos Komane, who went to jail for his corruption (amazingly enough)! She was not much better - won a few court cases against the DMR under her custodianship. And again when she was promoted to head office. Not surprised to see her name here in this context!


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