Big Agri feeds its own bottom line

Big Agri feeds its own bottom line

Small, family-run farms are the answer to world hunger. But  the large conglomerates are determined to squeeze them out of existence.

This year’s World Food Day has come and gone – on 17 October – leaving everyone as hungry or overfed as they were the day before. At the latest count, 842 million people were officially malnourished, or one in eight of us. In South Africa, the figure is one in four. And that’s now, while farmers are still able to grow enough food to provide tasty, nutritious, adequate meals for everyone on the planet – if only their produce wasn’t so unequally shared and needlessly wasted.

Feeding everyone is going to become much harder as the population grows, climate change bites and the cost of inputs like clean water and liquid fuels rise.

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Frank Payne of Bedfordview on 2014-11-27 17:40:44
This cornering of the world's food supply by big agri companies through the proliferation of GMO seed and the move to prevent seed saving is a travesty and should be declared a crime against humanity. What right has anyone to create a monopoly on the world's food supply, which is what these companies are working towards, through the monopoly of GMO seed supply, which forces farmers into a position of subservience to these companies, as the seed produced by such planting is incapable of further sustainable crop production. Numerous Indian farmers are reported to have committed suicide because of their indebtedness to GM seed producers, as they can't afford the ongoing financial burden of being tied to these companies in order to obtain seed. The monoculture created by the single crop nature of the big farm model, works against biodiversity of crop production as well as of soil quality. The combination of GM seed utilization and the type of chemical herbicides and pesticides used ls also poisoning the earth and degrades soil quality further. The whole scenario is an abomination and the quicker farmers wake up to the risks inherent in these practices the better. Whole countries will be under the control of these machinations to corner the world's food supply, both from immoral governments as well as corporations.


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