Independent News deal with Auction Alliance

Independent News deal with Auction Alliance

More of the exposé of Auction Alliance's kick-back deals is being hidden by Independent Newspapers.

Shortly before publication the newspaper bosses and Auction Alliance hurriedly struck a backroom deal to ensure that you would never be told the best part of the story. Unbelievable as it may seem, there is news that that bastion of press freedom, that flag bearer for freedom of speech, transparency and the right to know, Independent Newspapers, does not want you to know.

To view the court papers in Cape high court case no. 2604/2012 click on the folders below:

Deed of Settlement

Notice of Motion

Rael Levitt's  Founding Affidavit

Fiona Forde's Answering Affidavit

Christopher Whitfield's Answering Affidavit

Moegsien Williams' Answering Affidavit

Bruce Whitfield talks to Chris Whitfield & Martin Welz- 2012-06-27




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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Pete Swanepoel of MONTCLAIR on 2012-07-11 15:44:06
The rot sure runs deep! I believe our government's corruption was in fact started by private corporations (SA, German and UK among them). We need our young hacktivists to start getting hold of Independent and other corporation's emails for wikileaks.
Submitted by : Tony Beamish of PARISOT on 2012-07-02 09:32:36
I have listened to the Bruce Whitfield interviews. Independent Editor Chris Whitfield is unjustifiably indignant when he says, "Noseweek could have sorted this out very quickly by phoning myself, Moegsien Williams, Tony Howard - the people whose integrity they've questioned. They clearly decided not to."

Could noseweek's 'decision' not to do so be due to Clause 8 of the Settlement Agreement, which reads:

"The terms of this settlement are confidential and none of the parties will be entitled disclose to any third party the the terms of the settlement, save for stating that the matter is settled and that the application is withdrawn and the terms of this settlement will be confidential between the parties."
Submitted by : Barry Midgley of DURBAN on 2012-06-28 11:16:44
I have often wondered why the news media always refer to different rags in the same conglomerate as sisters. Speaking in the vernacular this was reported today by “cousin brother”:

“To suggest that any person in the management of Independent Newspapers received money is … untrue and reckless. This transaction was fully and properly accounted for in the company’s books.”

Louw said the Guttman and Smiedt allegations had been contained in the answering affidavits filed on behalf of the Independent Newspapers and were available for anyone to read. No attempt had been made by noseweek to check facts. - Mercury Correspondent”

It then begs the question. Why would Noseweek need to check the facts if the transaction (“kick back”) was fully and properly accounted for in the company’s books? No doubt they’ve ring fenced a naked short sell with some other dubious financial instruments. I just love journal(istic) entries.

Editor's Note
The fact that the buyer was charged the full industry standard of 10% Commission, which Auction Alliance passed half of to Independent Group books, is in itself suspect. TRANSPARENCY! Was the buyer told that 50% of the commission AA was collecting would be passed on to the seller?
Submitted by : Jon Quirk of Limpopo on 2012-06-27 08:58:58
Corruption is not the sole preserve of ANC politicians, but rather is sadly ubiquitous; few can resist the lure of easy, dishonest lucre as long as the crime can be buried from public view.

Long may Noseweek continue to pry and dig...
Submitted by : Andrew Crawford of SANDHURST on 2012-06-27 07:30:25
This helps me make sense of why the Saturday paper seems to repeatedly get their facts half baked.


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