Graft busters

Graft busters

In his two years as Director General of Health, Pillay has forced the resignation and/or disciplinary hearings or criminal charging of more than 1 200 people – most are health department staff accused of helping themselves to money for intended patient care.

Strict controls are now saving billions as a slick national pilot programme for ethical – plain honest – procurement and monitoring, kicked off last month in the Eastern Cape health department.  Backed by a high-tech group of national government agencies,  proponents of the project claim it will cut fraud and wastage by up to 80%.

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Frederick Truter on 2012-05-13 22:09:23
We are in dire need for national heroes.
In 1652 – I was told – we had Jan van Riebeeck as a hero.
Can you believe it 360 years later and we now have two new all time national heroes - Nelson Mandela and Dr Siva Pillay people to look up to, people radiating a message of hope!
Thank heavens!
Submitted by : Gary Unger of Newcastle on 2012-05-09 13:14:31
Dr. Pillay deserves every cent of his bonus. Well done, we need more people like you in all State departments.
Submitted by : Don Pearce of Noordhoek on 2012-04-30 19:25:33
Guys lets have more reports like this, the scale is so badly unbalanced in favour of the corrupt that one is doubtful of ever seeing honesty and ethics survive.


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