Driven round the Benz

Driven round the Benz

Motorists are getting ripped-off and nobody seems to care; the big cost of owning a car is not in the purchase price, but hidden away in some obscure clauses demanding that your high-end vehicle (in this case Mercedes Benz) must be serviced by an “authorised dealer” and that that Special Part – be it fuse, bulb or spare key – must only be bought through one of these dealerships at an always-over-inflated price.

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Ralph Laing of Durbanville on 2011-04-23 13:17:26
Are we talking about the same Stavrev here. I take my 2001 270CDI to Ivan Stavrev in Parow (IV Electronics), not Dimitri, whoever he is, and he has saved me a bundle of money. He has all the computer equipment and, most of all, he has the knowledge and the ability.

He has repaired things like the temperature and clock read-out on the console whereas MB would only replace the entire console - R2k as against R10k. He has imported genuine components at a fraction of the dealer price and he's sorted out innumerable other items all with efficiency and a friendly and professional attitude.

In fact, a neighbour of his in the same business park tells me MB bring their problem vehicles to him when they're stumped - I'm not surprised!

I live in George and I will happily drive to Cape Town for him the take care of my car every time.
Submitted by : John Georgiou of FERNDALE on 2011-04-09 10:04:19
I've paid out R69,000 over three years for repairs to my S600, which had I paid the full 100% amount (ie if the motorplan was over), would have cost me around R300,000! What a rip off of note - especially since many of the "faults" didn't go away after parts were replaced. Faults seemed to appear only while the car was in for an unrelated repair...
Submitted by : Johan Venter of Florida Glen on 2011-04-06 12:50:10
Mercedes Constantia Kloof not only charge you over inflated prices on any repairs, but also has the audacity to send you a "Please call me" if your vehicle needs to be collected. I agree that all these Authorised Dealeships are of the opinion that if you drive a Mercedes you must pay up or keep quite. At the end we are all suckers because we go back again and again, and our dear friends the Dealerships are printing their own money

Editor's Note
And you suckers surely return the "Please call me"! Well you better get some roadside guys to do your car...
Submitted by : Norman Simon of SYDNEY on 2011-04-01 17:37:55
Circumstances have not changed in 30 years! I was the proud owner of a new 1990 Merc 230 @ cost R12,000 and kept the car for 10 years. No maintenance contracts available at the time. Major servicing in those days on this car was approx R2000 (exhorbitant when considering cost of the car). Sold the vehicle in 2000 for R10,000 when power steering packed up and was quoted R3500 for a repair by Cargo Motors (Illovo) Johannesburg.
Submitted by : Reon De Reuck of Little Falls on 2011-04-01 12:34:23
My Merc CLK 320 1999 Convertable woth only R60k went into repair the roof 2 Constancia in Roodepoort. I was told that all the sensors had to be replaced @ over R30 plus vat. I made some noise for a day or so and the price came down to under R10k (still think it was too much). The same dealer a few years earlier wanted to charge me over R20k plus labour to replace the motor of the roof. I asked them to recon it. They said they can't. I then sent it to Adrians Auto and he fixed it for R6k.
Submitted by : Archer Wilson of Howick on 2011-04-01 12:24:49
My father had a saying "Ali Baba and the 40 garage proprietors".
It is not only Mercedes who are exorbitant on spares. My 2004 Toyota Camry's alternator was faulty and I was quoted R5500 for a new one, also being informed that the old one couldn't be repaired. My son who knows a little about cars found that the voltage regulator was the culprit and we obtained one for R410 which sorted out the problem.

Submitted by : Howard Klaaste of Port Elizabeth on 2011-04-01 09:35:32
My then brand new 1997 C230 Kompressor was leaking fuel from under the car. It spent a week at a Mercedez dealer in Uitenhage before the car was returned to me, as they could not find any signs of leakage. The "mechanic" refused to put it in writing that he saw nothin'.

It was only after I recorded the leakage on video camera and insisted that the "mechanic" and the manager in the presence of a witness look at it, when something was done to fix the problem.

I am glad Noseweek drilled a hole in this hard canister so that everyone can see that the oil inside is in fact dirty.

Submitted by : Hardy Esterhuizen of Randburg on 2011-03-31 19:24:44
My experience: 1yr ago I paid R7800 for a standard "B" service on a 10 yr old C240 at Mercedes-Benz Claremont, with no extras. Just had the same "B" service 1yr later at a highly regarded "unauthorised" car service centre that specialises in Mercs and employs ex-Mercedes mechanics - R3100 for all the same standard service items. If your Merc is out of service plan avoid the official Mercedes dealerships like the plague - they treat you like garbage because you have an old Merc and charge the earth.


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