From star to starvation

From star to starvation

How was the horse-whisperer's gelding left to die in misery? In life, the horse called Spear of Destiny brought joy to his three owners as well as to horse-racing fanatics, none of whom would have expected his demise to have been so horrific, wasting away in misery until his starvation was so far advanced that he had to be put down.

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Archer Wilson of Howick on 2011-03-23 15:58:08
I cannot believe the submissions made by Stephen. A supposed man of God starving a helpless animal to death. What could be more hypocritical than this?
I would personally welcome Stephen cancelling his subscription,who wants to be associated with idiotic rantings like his?

Submitted by : of Howick on 2011-02-28 15:09:23
Shame on you Ashley McGuicken for gross animal cruelty, can you imagine the life of that beautiful horse since leaving the track. Has this man been charged with animal cruelty? I certainly know by who my horses will never be trained. The care and welfare of ex racehorses is already a sensitive issue thanks to these kind of uncaring people. These are the articles I don't enjoy reading in noseweek but do keep up the great reporting it does make us aware of what really goes on out there.
Submitted by : Stephen Attwood on 2011-02-28 11:30:15
Shouldn't your journalists dig up more before publishing this story - it appears to me that there is something personal between Noseweek and McGuicken. Seems odd to me that someone would deliberately buy a horse so cheaply in order to starve it. Perhaps you do have a personal axe to grind in some of your "reports". Sounds like an "ag shame" filler to pad out your newspaper. The story has potential but you leave it hanging in the air. I presume there are plans to add to it in later additions. Perhaps you are a gossip-rag after all? Do us a favour and find at least one positive (happy?) story every month: they must be out there as despite everything this country still functions. Shoddy journalism in my opinion. I am reconsidering renewing my subscription.

Editor's Note
Stephen, Mr. Nose is not sorry that all our reports are depressing. We never knew of 'Bishop' McGuicken before he starved Spear of Destiny to death, so nothing personal. Does it make sense to you that a horse previously acquired for R1m would be sold for R3,000 only to be starved to death? Would you rather not know what some men/women of God are upto? Would the SPCA have had something personal when they decided to charge Mcguicken for animal cruelty? What he's done is not right! Would you have felt the same if it were one of your pets? Watch this space and the answers may soon come your way.
Submitted by : Stephen Attwood on 2011-02-25 11:08:14
What's the moral of the story? Animal abuse or is there some financial gain to be had from starving the horse. As to McGuicken, what's your point? Your story is incomplete!

Editor's Note
Don't we know all that? That's why the main story ended in a question? And a report doesn't have to have some morals.


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