UPDATES: Mr Moti and the mystery of the Cradock Chinese connection

In nose124 we offered a R5 reward to the first person willing and able to tell us why Zunaid Moti’s bankrupt Sandton property company, 85 Grayston Drive Developments, has its registered office in the near-deserted Eastern Cape town of Cradock.

Having handed over R5 in a plain brown envelope, we are now able to tell you...

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : H. P. Jordaan of Cradock on 2010-04-06 11:28:52
Calling Cradock a near-deserted town seeing that the first Bio-ethanol plant indirectly funded by the goverment will be built here , maybe you should look a little deeper into G,B&G and Cradock as a whole not hole!

Editor's Note
Point taken for the hole in the whole. But Cradock remains in the middle of nowhere. By the way, if you remove the 'W' from the 'WHOLE', you are left with a 'HOLE' aren't you?


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