Unsafe as houses

Unsafe as houses

Durban’s flamboyant and much-unloved city manager, Dr Michael Sutcliffe, will poke his nose into city staffers' lives.he will be probing housing contracts worth R300m between the City and S'bu and Shauwn Mpisane.

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : L C Johns of KZN on 2010-03-03 13:02:53
And Mike S, what does he get out of all this?
Submitted by : Anthony Krijger of Westville on 2010-02-26 13:50:58
Wayne, SARS is also run by the ANC. There is a law in the country for the rest of us and no law at all for the leaders of the ANC. Why should SARS be any different? Clearly the ANC look after their own. The asset stripping and enrichment of a few top dogs at the expense of the poor, they say they are trying to "help" is mindblowing. That these poor people living in badly built homes, which they do NOT get for free but have to pay for, keep voting in the ANC into power bewilders me.
Submitted by : Wayne Van Der Merwe of Johannesburg on 2010-02-26 10:41:28
I cannot believe these criminals pay their taxes - their wealth is in the open for all to see - including SARS; why doesnt SARS investigate these people for tax payment ?
Submitted by : Marius Lacante of Johannesburg on 2010-02-26 06:56:54
So what is new in this country of ours? We are very fast becoming just another African Country with the following generic chataristics:-
1. The president is corrupt
2. The president's men are corrupt - and enjoying the gravy train
3. The leading party (ANC) who"fights for their people and will secure jobs for all of them, and to abolish the white domination" bla bla... and those who advocate this, are only in it for themselves - refer Malema and company
4. Crime is still on the increase - corruption of/by public officials, political figures and members of parlement is the order of the day
5. The country becomes poorer every day due to lack of proper management and only thinking of today (to get the stomach full, I guess)
5.The country is getting over populated as residents of neigbouring countries flee to the country (South Africa) that maybe has a hint of hope to get that stomach full, thus jobstealing, crime, poverty etc will rise and guess what... it is not the current government's fault... must be the previous regime they will say...
6.Violence is the only way to force your decision upon anybody... "we will go to war" ...that is what you hear from unions/parties when they are critisized etc... one brain cell mentality!!
So, the list can go on an on... bottom line... they are running this country, which had hope one upon a time, into the ground. It is time to wake up and smell the roses and open your eyes to see what is going !!


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