Sold down the River

Sold down the River

How come Transnet awarded an option to a company associated with Trevor Manuel's friend Fred Robertson to buy a prime piece of Cape Town real estate worth at least R200m - for just R3.5m?

Frederick Robertson might have been the point man and the face of the deal back in 2000, but his Liesbeeck Leisure (Pty) Ltd was in partnership with Brimstone Investment Consortium - whose key figures were none other than Tshamano Phaswana, Professor Jakes Gerwel and Dr Patricia Gorvalla - all members at the time of the Transnet Board.

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Raymondt Dicks on 2010-03-03 13:13:32
Kindly allow me to correct my submission of 2010-02-26 10:41:04 by removing the comment in its totality and replacing it with the following; “Mr. Frederick Robertson has a long history of questionable corporate transactions. The Transnet fiasco; if one can reference it as such is but one of many others that seem to pop-up and quite theatrically disappear into darkness: I generally referred to it as “infomercial corporate world” as there is nothing more frustrating to see all the wrong and nothing is done about it by the powers to be.

The ‘power base’ behind these people are there connections; from politicians to the political vale of “Being Equally Enriched” no matter what. Within the ‘community standing’, like a preacher they most humbly deflower the corporate fabric. We have seen this so more often than before and lately the press had set-aside there murderess crime saga for the exposure of such political influential saboteurs. This is a good thing because what these people sough throughout their corporate theatrics are nothing more that self enrichment at the cost far more widespread than murder.

Moreover and an interesting fact is that the business of Mr. Robertson seems to be deceitful tactics like the ‘Oceana Group Limited’ incident [According to Sake24, tribunal chairperson David Lewis expressed serious misgivings about the fact that the directors of Brimstone (Sea Harvest) were still serving on the board of Oceana (Tiger Brands). "It smells of market-sharing; whether this in fact is happening is clearly for the commission's further investigation to determine.] The infamous Fifth Element, O’Neil and Canterbury purchase where Brimstone, of which Mr. Roberson enjoys Executive Deputy Chair- through its subsidiary House of Monatic, (where Mr. Roberson is a Chairperson) promised trough letters of comfort that it will make good on payments due to the Fifth Element Groups creditors; and when called upon to pay- the theatrical world of corporate slander emerged by liquidating the entire Fifth Element Group and shouting foul play. The decentness’ follows trough to the JSE (SENSE), where Brimstone collectively published that it had in fact purchased 100% of the Fifth Element Group, where in fact it had not even paid for the remainder of the shares.

Where all this will end-up, I don’t know, but there is one think that can be said, it will not show-up on the radars of law enforcement or SARS – the bloodline is way too entangled. It’s a sad state of affairs, but when in Rome, Rome rules.
Submitted by : Wayne Van Der Merwe of Johannesburg on 2010-02-26 10:44:34
Why doesnt SARS investigate these guys ?
Submitted by : Raymondt Dicks on 2010-02-26 10:41:04
This is not the one and only “deal” of Mr. Roberson that had seen the light of day. Currently, the Canterbury, O’Neil, Fifth Element, House of Monatic and Brimstone saga is also at hand under a Section 417/418 enquiry in Cape Town. Here to there have been “no financial records”, properly deals and empty promises of funding that “just never arrived”: All this equated to our Springbok rugby team being without attire! I ponder the question, what next Mr. Roberson and crew?


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