UPDATES: Lawyers who give sharks a bad name

Mrs Bunty Money isn't the only person being aggressively hounded by shady Joburg law firm Van de Venter Mojapelo Inc (VVM) for  an amount she didn’t owe. Our investigation in nose123 has elicited considerable response from noseweek readers.

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Karen Campbell of King Williams Town on 2010-02-18 09:51:33
Yes, I know about this lot. They buy up 'old' debt and then harrass people for payament. They had a 'debt' against my name in the form of some or other 'judgement' - the details of which they could never supply me with. Twelve years ago I did have financial difficulties but all of my debt was paid through and with my (decent, honest) attorney. Although they have now 'removed' this black mark against my name, it was very embarrassing and it took four months to resolve. My credit record has been flawless for 8 years but this bunch of palookas almost ruined it.
Submitted by : Dawid Van Wyk of Pretoria on 2010-01-29 05:26:11
I can add my name to the list: My father cancelled his TV licence 10 years ago since my stepmother has a TV licence and 2 licences in one household is superfluous. The SABC in their usual apathetic way never cancelled the licence as requested many times (but then they are not known for their competence...) but in any event for over a year now VVM has been sending me threatening SMS's about the account, nevermind the fact that they were informed in detail of the history, plus the fact that my father died in July 2008. So every now and then I get an SMS (where VVM got my number is a mystery) threatening the late mr. CHG van Wyk with legal action. I have called and e-mailed VVM and explained the matter ad nauseam, but still they persist in threatening my dead father with a lawsuit for an account that is not legally valid. Another shining example of VVM's legal ethics and overall competence...shall I send them a spade to go and dig him up? A friend of mine once said (after we had compared horror stories about doctors) that one should always remember that some doctors study hard and pass their degrees magna cum laude and others party and drink and scrape through by the skin of their asses with a 51% pass, but we call them all "Doctor." Maybe VVM is populated by "51% lawyers?"


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