The BEE merry-go-round

The BEE merry-go-round

Nasty accusations of intellectual property theft and hugely inflated tenders are causing ructions in official quarters as tinpot outfits front BEE tenders and then outsource for delivery.

Valor IT is not the successful high-tech whiz kid it claims to be – and there are moves to strip it of its massive award.

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Robert Gumede
Jacob Zuma
Valor I T
Mantra Consulting
Josias Molele
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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Johann Van Der Walt of MANDINI on 2009-05-02 00:51:37
CIPRO don't have funds for a Afrikaans/English translator according to senior manager Trad Marks? Maybe I must learn to speak BEE language!
Submitted by : Herman Crowther of Roggebaai on 2009-04-30 16:41:09
There are a lot more of these stories. Please go and investigate what happenned at the Dept of Justice with their EDMS contract
Submitted by : Gary Drimie of Jeffreys Bay on 2009-04-30 15:44:33
Man this is hectic...I can't believe that this still happens in SA. How on earth can CIPRO even think of paying Valor IT a payment of R50M without all the contracts being in place. For sure that money is gone now... History... and they will never get it back. Darko? Well he should be indicted, and someone should check his spending, and conduct a forensic audit on his affairs... something stinks here again, and it takes Noseweek to expose it.... damn it.... where is the oversight from the ANC Govt? Why the hell are they not watching us, tax paying South Africans money? Investigate them Noseweek, and hold them accountable and don't stop until they're all in jail... well done to you and your staff for an excellent expose. Damn corrupt ba*$#%s in this country.


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