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Noseweek has a solid reputation as South Africa's only investigative news magazine unique for its cheeky humour and forthright reporting style. Sales are roughly one-third to subscribers and two-thirds through retail outlets. Noseweek's support base is made up of professionals, corporate executives and people in government and political circles in LSMs 8-10, who live predominantly in the major metropolitan areas. Analysis of the subscriber database reveals a remarkably loyal following and indicates that the publication has become the required reading for lawyers, accountants and company executives. The nature of the publication dictates that readers are well educated, critical and independently minded - and prepared to pay a premium for credibility and quality.

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ABC certified

Circulation: 15,174
Source: ABC Oct – Dec 2015

Reader Demographics

  • 72% are in LSMs 9 and 10
  • Reader profile is 68% male / 32% female
  • The subscriber base of 30% includes leading politicians & business leaders
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