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Issue # 214  -  August 2017
Breaking News
Three Enviroserve managers appeared in the Durban magistrate's court on Thursday 17 August to face ...

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Issue # 213  -  July 2017
FNB's kiss for my silence
Rabbi breaks silence secured by FNB with an R800,000 incentive. One of the country’s best known ...

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Issue # 212  -  June 2017
You're drinking the wrong milk
Researchers have been making alarming discoveries about dairy products. When my in-laws moved from India ...

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Issue # 211  -  May 2017
Durban's tender Mafia
The Durban construction industry is under siege from a shadowy ‘tender mafia’ of armed ...

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Issue # 210  -  April 2017
Plan Z
The social grants crisis is a secret machination to get Nkosazana Zuma elected president. Everyone in ...

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Issue # 209  -  March 2017
Nkosazana Zuma's evil shadow
The company that distributes millions of state social security grants has not only the ...

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Issue # 208  -  February 2017
Heroic doctors' torment
Dedicated medics hounded by self-serving politicians. Mseleni Provincial Hospital is in the sticks in a ...

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Issue # 207  -  January 2017
Bay of drugs, death and double dealers
South Africa’s priciest real estate, along Cape Town’s Atlantic seaboard, is a magnet for ...

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Issue # 206  -  December 2016
Dear Editor
Readers are agreed something's terribly wrong at Telkom. Billing is a mess, help lines don't ...

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Issue # 205  -  November 2016
Dear Editor
Beer’s power of persuasion ♦ Saddened by pension plunder ♦ Open letter to tongaat Hulett ...

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Issue # 204  -  October 2016
DEA orders “leachate dump” into Durban sea stopped
The disposal of millions of litres of leachate from a Shongweni toxic waste landfill ...

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Issue # 203  -  September 2016
Dear Editor
Shareholders to blame ♦ Undervaluations under scrutiny ♦ Dozetas revisited ♦ Love and life ♦ Helkom ♦ To be or ...

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Issue # 202  -  August 2016
The President will speak now ...

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Issue # 201  -  July 2016
Crisis ...

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Issue # 200  -  June 2016
Dear Editor
Why flay your best writer? ♦ Wake up to the world, SA ♦ Bare-faced ignorance ...

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Issue # 199  -  May 2016
Google at your peril
A few hundred whistleblowers, investigative journalists, hacktivists and encrypters from all over the world stepped ...

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Issue # 198  -  April 2016
Stent - Selfies
Zuma ...

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Issue # 197  -  March 2016
Dirty washing
Henry Wilkinson devised an unusual way of paying off his bad debts.  By Jack Lundin The ...

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Issue # 196  -  February 2016
Priscilla, Queen of Hout Bay
A tale of passion, deceit and squandered millions. Lithuanian website lures Austrian with stolen millions to ...

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Issue # 195  -  January 2016
The Sting
A dramatic tale of double-dealing, stolen gems and shady characters. Ernesto Bisogno was a colourful old ...

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Issue # 194  -  December 2015
What bankers and lawyers will do for dosh
The Kebble saga continues: might Investec’s getaway plans still fall apart? The devil lay coiled ...

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Issue # 193  -  November 2015
Lions to the slaughter
The trophy-hunting industry is making many farmers rich – but the process of domesticating ...

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Issue # 192  -  October 2015
Souls ...

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Issue # 191  -  September 2015
Cyril under the microscope
Maybe he’s not the mega-rich entrepreneur the public believes him to be. Testifying to the ...

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Issue # 190  -  August 2015
Sex, drugs, lies and blackmail
How blonde spy double-crossed her clients and blackmailed her way into SARS and the Sunday ...

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Issue # 189  -  July 2015
The minutes that Investec wants obliterated from the history of the world
David Nurek rides over the rules. The North Gauteng high court case in which the Randgold ...

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Issue # 188  -  June 2015
Prince of Pot
The law is supposed to be fair and reasonable – but sometimes it isn’t. Mr ...

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Issue # 187  -  May 2015
I have a dream
Mmusi Maimane wants to wake up in a non-racist and inclusive South Africa, the DA ...

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Issue # 186  -  April 2015
Eskom: It's downhill all the way
The shocking truth behind South Africa’s energy crisis. And the bad news is: things can ...

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Issue # 185  -  March 2015
Gates Foundation money squandered reinventing fruit for ‘ungrateful’ Africans. Might Microsoft billionaires Bill and Melinda Gates’s ...

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Issue # 184  -  February 2015
Child alone
Of the 18.5 million South African children under 18, an astonishing 21% are orphans, 25% ...

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Issue # 183  -  January 2015
Mines for the taking
King Croesus would have been jealous of the gargantuan fortunes doled out to a ...

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Issue # 182  -  December 2014
Chinese pilots buzz Karoo
Believe it or not... Hundreds of Chinese pilots buzz the ostrich capital daily. Oudtshoorn’s horribly corrupt  ...

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Issue # 181  -  November 2014
Playing the vulture game
While railways pensioners battle to survive, Transnet obstructs their legal claims. Everyone expects Transnet will ...

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Issue # 180  -  October 2014
'Sidney Frankel is a paedophile'
Depression and an inability to form trusting relationships have defined me, says one victim Stockbroker ...

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Issue # 179  -  September 2014
The man who would be king
Cyril Ramaphosa is a shoo-in as the next president of the ANC and the ...

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Issue # 178  -  August 2014
Minister of Public Enterprises, Lynn Brown loves Tshediso Matona
22 August 2014 New Eskom boss Tshediso Matona is soon likely to be one of SA's ...

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Issue # 177  -  July 2014
The man who stole justice
Are judges too weak to defend the law against Lennie the Liquidator? One investec victim, ...

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Issue # 176  -  June 2014
Sex abuse cover-up row at elite Cape school
Highly respected teacher scapegoated over 30-year-old sexual abuse incident – to save school’s reputation. By end ...

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Issue # 175  -  May 2014
Bubble Trouble
A South African economic meltdown is imminent, warns the analyst who forecast the last ...

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Issue # 174  -  April 2014
Officials push illegal medication
Cash Cows are in force as Eastern Cape health officials try to milk TB patients ...

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Issue # 173  -  March 2014
No Police 'death squad'
In December 2011 the Sunday Times revealed to the world that it had uncovered ...

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Issue # 172  -  February 2014
Behind the mask: UCT medschool providing exceptionally poor training for cardio-thoracic surgeons, says prof.
Behind the mask: in a "private and confidential" letter, leading surgeon accuses "malicious, self-serving" UCT ...

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Issue # 171  -  January 2014
The Right Stuff
Zweli Mkhize is a rising star in the ANC – and certain influential people ...

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Issue # 170  -  December 2013
Scalpel War
The scalpels are out in an almighty row involving heart surgeons, anaesthetists, hospital management, ...

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Issue # 169  -  November 2013
UPDATE: Absa still speaks with forked tongue
Retired SA Navy Captain Teboho "Tommy" Molotsi has emerged the victor in a hugely ...

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Issue # 168  -  October 2013
Cowboy takes cattlemen for a ride
Gavin Foster investigates how KwaZulu-Natal dairy farmers are left sucking the hind tit in cow-leasing ...

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Issue # 167  -  September 2013
Woman in search of the truth
In January, when profiling the newly appointed deputy public protector Kevin Malunga,  Noseweek asked: ...

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Issue # 166  -  August 2013
Rough Trade
Online futures platform is rigged to ensure huge profits for Global Trader, a wholly-owned subsidiary ...

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Issue # 165  -  July 2013
Dear Editor
A future in SA ♦ Driven to golf ♦ Spinning a yarn about turbines ♦ ...

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Issue # 164  -  June 2013
ABSAlutely shocking
South African-born financier and diamond dealer Leonard Himelsein, long resident in California, has issued ...

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Issue # 163  -  May 2013
Winnie's ghosts will always haunt SA
The extent of the conspiracy between apartheid police, prosecutors and the ANC leadership over the ...

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Issue # 162  -  April 2013
Wonder Woman: Gauteng's last hope
She visits the mines in high heels, dressed to kill, but unlikely activist Mariette ...

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Issue # 161  -  March 2013
What's cooking at Sasol?
Sasol uses World War II German technology to convert solid coal into crude oil – ...

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Issue # 160  -  February 2013
On a mission – to tell the story SABC won't tell
Respected journalist and film-maker Sylvia Vollenhoven refuses to be intimidated by the panderings of ...

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Issue # 159  -  January 2013
Banking with sharks at Standard Bank
When a client had R30,000 skimmed off his account, Standard Bank claimed he’d taken ...

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Issue # 158  -  December 2012
Louis Group stays mum over offshore collapse
The Louis Group, a family company, is licensed by the South African Financial Services ...

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Issue # 157  -  November 2012
Howzit China?
In the last five years, more than 6,000 Chinese shops have popped up in ...

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Issue # 156  -  October 2012
Terrible Twins
Minister of Agriculture & Fisheries, Tina Joemat-Pettersson, is eager to favour a fellow ANC ...

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Issue # 155  -  September 2012
When Johnny met Jenny
As multi-millionaire Johnny Feinstein settles into new-found nuptial bliss out at Mouille Point on ...

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Issue # 154  -  August 2012
Puppet police
As, increasingly over time, shady businessmen and other criminal elements in pursuit of government contracts, ...

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Issue # 153  -  July 2012
Dear Editor
Audi ads in noseweek ♦ Standard Bank's rotten debt collectors ♦ Strachan's delight ♦ Saambou/FNB bond ...

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Issue # 152  -  June 2012
Jail Break
Lionel Greenberg is the ultimate comeback-man. An angry ex-wife had him arrested (unlawfully) 15 times ...

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Issue # 151  -  May 2012
Don't bank on the ombudsman
In a dispute with a bank, can the ombudsman be relied on to be truly ...

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Issue # 150  -  April 2012
Dead man fingers 'fuel cheats'
Winkelhaak Petroleum Distrib­utors, established 10 years ago on a country road out of Standerton, ...

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Issue # 149  -  March 2012
Lawyers on the take
Shady lawyers are at it again, demanding debt payments that have prescribed. Several aggrieved recipients ...

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Issue # 148  -  February 2012
The judge and the stripper
Dennis Davis is the tough-talking television-show host who South Africans have come to identify with ...

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Issue # 147  -  January 2012
• Bench marred • Proctor's petard •  You go girls! • Castle is king • ...

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Issue # 146  -  December 2011
Dear Editor
• Moral mix-up • Hillbilly Club • Break-down nerve • Censusless stats • ...

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Issue # 145  -  November 2011
Drowning by numbers
A quick scan of just one day’s edition of any South African newspaper, gives a ...

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Issue # 144  -  October 2011
Trapped in paradise
Three South African children under four were left stranded in Dubai after their parents were ...

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Issue # 143  -  September 2011
Dear Editor
♦ Universal truth ♦ Singled out ♦ Thwarting thieves ♦ Slim facts or ficion? ♦ ...

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Issue # 142  -  August 2011
Easy Pickings
Dicey state property deals are using racism to get the taxpayer to fund unlawful land ...

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Issue # 141  -  July 2011
Dear Editor
Spot the difference Your cartoon figure enjoying a cushy prison experience on the cover of nose140 ...

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Issue # 140  -  June 2011
Laughing all the way to the clink
If Shrien Dewani is returned to South Africa to face trial he need not fear. To quote ...

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Issue # 139  -  May 2011
Eastern promise
Has Zuma been taken in by China's seductive purr, or a fearsome predator? Money, money, money! ...

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Issue # 138  -  April 2011
Who stitched up J Arthur Brown?
Four years after he was arrested for the first time on 192 criminal charges, Arthur ...

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Issue # 137  -  March 2011
Who pulled the trigger?
Gossip is rife over the last days of the brilliant brain behind the 2010 World ...

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Issue # 136  -  February 2011
Roque trader
In January the Financial Mail named its 16 “hot” picks on the JSE for 2011. In ...

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Issue # 135  -  January 2011
Discovery's rude good health
Bennie Piek of Benoni took out a “Risk Transaction” with Discovery Life, which provided protection ...

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Issue # 134  -  December 2010
Dear Reader: Banks: Where does the buck stop?
We were the first to disclose dishonest bookkeeping by the FirstRand banking group and even ...

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Issue # 133  -  November 2010
Wailing and Gnashing at the SABC
The SABC is a shambles – everyone agrees on that. The truth behind a naive ...

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Issue # 132  -  October 2010
Monstrous hatchlings
The apartheid regime and their ANC successors thought they had successfully put the lid on ...

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Issue # 131  -  September 2010
What's the deal? Is ANC still cashing in on apartheid profiteering?
The ANC government was told in a secret report how apartheid-era government operatives stole hundreds ...

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Issue # 130  -  August 2010
Investec knows what you did last summer
Spies were paid to eavesdrop on clients and employees in a drama involving a R62m ...

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Issue # 129  -  July 2010
Why al-Qaeda loves our passport
There are serious security questions about the new SA passport which was quietly introduced last ...

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Issue # 128  -  June 2010
Dear Editor
The Fifa Famiglia If you really want to see how far back all the FIFA family ...

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Issue # 127  -  May 2010
Sepp Blatter's Great FIFA ripoff Circus
"Ladies and gentlemen, meet the 2010 Circus Strongman." Sepp Blatter and Jérôme Valcke ripped off ...

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Issue # 126  -  April 2010
Bullets over the Big Hole
Kimberley may still be a big hole, but at least it’s a hole that’s going ...

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Issue # 125  -  March 2010
Civil service pensions go down the drain
Government agency secretly wrote off a whopping R1.3 billion of civil servants' retirement funds to ...

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Issue # 124  -  February 2010
Dear Editor
You’re write, off course I submit the following in support of my application for the post ...

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Issue # 123  -  January 2010
Justice at knockdown prices
A thriving business in fake court orders is being run under judges' noses. Judge President ...

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Issue # 122  -  December 2009
O, Tannenbaum
The gold waren’t in them thar pills. How Barry Tannenbaum and Dean Rees exploited the rich ...

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Issue # 121  -  November 2009
Who's on Tannenbaum's ponzi laundry list?
Forensic investigations into the cash flow through the ponzi scheme for millionaires conducted by Barry ...

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Issue # 120  -  October 2009
Siemens greases the palms
  Reinhard Siekaczek was half asleep in bed when his doorbell rang early one morning in ...

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Issue # 119  -  September 2009
The rats who ate our pension
Sanlam dragged to the brink in ding-dong, behind-the-scenes, battle over stolen millions. Sanlam and its investment ...

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Issue # 118  -  August 2009
WARNING! Your cellphone is a pickpocket
Unsolicited content services are rich pickings for unscrupulous network providers. It appears that pre-paid subscribers are ...

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Issue # 117  -  July 2009
Dear Editor
ANC's mother of all spin ...

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Issue # 116  -  June 2009
Dear Reader: Stormy weather
Want to know which way the wind blows in South African politics today? Whether to ...

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Issue # 115  -  May 2009
Here comes a bumpy ride ...

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Issue # 114  -  April 2009
Evita Bezuidenhout interviewed Mr Nose
at the Baxter Theatre on Tuesday 14th April 2009   ...

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Issue # 113  -  March 2009
Mugabe's billionaire fag king
Robert Mugabe’s next best friend, sanctions buster, tobacco broker, arms dealer and “investor in many ...

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Issue # 112  -  February 2009
Bringing home the poison
Food and deadly substances are often close together in your friendly supermarket - sometimes within ...

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Issue # 111  -  January 2009
Dear Reader: Supping with the devil
‘These guys are bad news,’ Rob Gillespie, chairman of the Lonehill residents’ association told noseweek ...

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Issue # 110  -  December 2008
Who got the arms deal gold?
International auditing firm KPMG is in possession of a potentially explosive top secret list said ...

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Issue # 109  -  November 2008
Fashion, passion and the shrink
The breakdown of Stuart and Sylvia Ireland's marriage, and the role of her psychiatrist in ...

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Issue # 108  -  October 2008
National Library going up in smoke
The management and finances of our National Library of South Africa are in such utter shambles.  Employees ...

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Issue # 107  -  September 2008
Saints or sinners?
What was Trevor's role in Investec and Fedbond's pension fund shlenter? Did Investec and Fedbond ...

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Issue # 106  -  August 2008
Dear Editor
Give PMBR a chance Afgri's parting shot Buchanan Boyes beneath whores ...

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Issue # 105  -  July 2008
Too Slick Operators
How some careless name-dropping by Sahara Holdings wrecked an Angolan oil deal. Leverage is what they ...

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Issue # 104  -  June 2008
Investec on a plate
How one of South Africa's biggest financial institutions conspired to defraud British investors.Investec and the ...

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Issue # 103  -  May 2008
Dear Editor
Fee, fi, fo, fumRe Investec employee benefits that weren’t (nose102): I don’t see what the ...

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Issue # 102  -  April 2008
Investec's multi-billion rand pension rip-off
Directors 'assumed' thousands of elderly were dead - so they could grab their cash. The banking ...

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Issue # 101  -  March 2008
Dear Editor
Mazeltov Congratulations Biggest fish yet to be fried Losing sense ...

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Issue # 100  -  February 2008
Dear Editor 100
Bogus Bonds Bogus Rennie Reckless Driving Road Legislation Can't ...

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Issue # 99  -  January 2008
Looping the Duisberg loop
Last year (in nose95) we reported how, late in 2000, Eunanda Grobbelaar in Ansbacher’s Joburg ...

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Issue # 98  -  December 2007
Wolves at the door
Investing in property finance is not as safe as houses. Fedbond has been breaking the ...

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Issue # 97  -  November 2007
The ones that got away
In an in-depth investigation into FirstRand's offshore dealings, noseweek talks to some of the clients ...

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Issue # 96  -  October 2007
noseweek squares up to FirstRand
Bank's claim to be acting on behalf of its high net-worth clients gives new meaning ...

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Issue # 95  -  September 2007
FirstRand pirates hit the rocks
Until recently FirstRand would have had us all believe that the frauds perpetrated a decade ...

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Issue # 94  -  August 2007
Rand Water pulls the chain
The Board of Rand Water, largest water utility in the Southern Hemisphere, and supplier of ...

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Issue # 93  -  July 2007
The faces that launched a thousand shops
Notorious Joburg rogue developers, the freewheeling Theodosiou brothers have amassed a gigantic fortune parking flagrantly ...

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Issue # 92  -  June 2007
Numbers game
A bonus: Glenrand could plead ignorance and good faith - and, with a bit of ...

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Issue # 91  -  May 2007
Why the Israeli Mafia hit Winnie's friend
The woman sitting next to Hazel Crane when she died in a hail of bullets, ...