What's the deal? Is ANC still cashing in on apartheid profiteering?

What's the deal? Is ANC still cashing in on apartheid profiteering?

The ANC government was told in a secret report how apartheid-era government operatives stole hundreds of billions from the State - and how vast sums could be recovered from those responsible and the European bankers who helped them hide the loot. But mysteriously, the Mbeki cabinet and the Reserve Bank decided to do nothing about it. Why?

After a vitriolic disinformation campaign led by Reserve Bank governor Gill Marcus, an amendment to the current Reserve Bank Act, tailor-made to silence the bank’s private shareholders, has hurriedly been tabled in parliament. Those shareholders, you see, have been asking the same question.

But, instead of silence, the shareholders have taken furious action – and brought to light an explosive secret document in which it is revealed how the Mbeki government was given a detailed account of the extraordinary extent of frauds on the state perpetrated by the Afrikaner nationalist elite in the apartheid era – frauds that their ANC successors have until now chosen to cover up. 

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Wil Opperman on 2011-05-04 16:41:48
What is different?

Unite to bury mother scam!

Stop illegal tax for lawless corrupters!

The state may tax for legal use, but never for its reported massive illegal corruption. The state must prevent corruption or recover and also tax it. If not, it is illegal too, and discriminating. Tax laws used for corruption are likewise illegal.

Numerous reports for years prove illegal misuse of tax for massive state corruption. The state controls all decisions, actions, negligence, records and personal information of its own corrupters. Thus no reason exists why the state cannot prevent or recover and tax corruption. It is illegal not to do so, and this selective taxing discriminates against the poor and honest taxpayers. Most important, no civilized law is legal for criminal or illegal purposes like corruption, hence tax laws for its use are likewise illegal.

Clearly, state corruption thrives on grand scale illegalities. Certainly, the illegal nature of these amassed trillions amounts was never legally approved. Stop this criminal, illegal, discriminatory and protected state corruption with its illegal tax burden. Honesty by all shall slash tax for all.

Represents the brutal corrupt state the peoples? Bloody oppression of protests by distresssed peoples against absurd services. While a quickrich corrupt minority parasitising on illegal tax of captive masses.

Freedom peoples, reject fake elections of tyrants. Demand your birth right of government elected and controlled by and serving your own people.
Submitted by : FD Rencken on 2010-08-30 16:29:56
Although small beer in comparison, SASOL's sponsorship of the Jordan Grand Prix team in 1993/4 was and remains fishy... after all what easier way for the company's (apartheid-era) directors to pay themselves massive, tax-free off-shore bonuses than via inflated invoices raised by a character who was 10 years later found by the British High Court to be less than credible...

What were SASOL hoping to sell via sponsorship of a second-grade team? More petrol in London or Adelaide?
Submitted by : Belinda Shaw of Cape Town on 2010-08-29 15:54:52
R200Billion!!!! I am appalled. We all knew that the Nats would get every penny out of the country that they could. The fact that the ANC power players knew who was involved, how much could be recouped and in the process embarrass the Nats even further, but failed to take up this golden opportunity, AND bring much needed huge cash back into the country is the final nail in the coffin of 'a better life for all'. Imagine the good that could have been achieved with this kind of money. This proves those involved have learnt from the best. They are completely corrupt, greedy, selfish and have little regard for 'the people'. I would be very interested to know who made the decision not to act on the Ciex report, but I guess I already know that answer. I am even more disgusted at the banking institutions who greased palms and pipelines. Barclays earned their fortune as slave traders. Why should we be surprised - old habits die hard. To John Risley, please hit them with everything you've got!
Submitted by : Mike Waghorn of DOUGLAS on 2010-08-27 16:25:40
I am simply lost for words.
Submitted by : Carte Blanche on 2010-08-27 11:45:45
And what of Mrs. Manuel transferring from the treasury to Absa?

Editor's Note
Mr. Nose has considered that and the jury is still out. BTW she doesn't seem to like being called Mrs. Manuel, Ms. Ramos often does it for her. And it was from Treasury-to-Transnet-to-Absa.
Submitted by : Jennifer Cherry on 2010-08-27 08:21:43
Are there going to be any consequences to this sordid exposure? Does anyone care enough in our government to bring these cultprits to book and to ensure tax payers money is repaid?
Submitted by : Corrie Cloete on 2010-08-26 13:29:48
My bigger problem relates to the auditors that were appointed to audit all these fiasco's. Every day new evidence presents itself on why the IRBA will only allow members of SAICA to be registered as auditors. The new Audit Profession Act provides for the registration of other professional accountants as well, but this will cause the whole auditing profession to clean itself up and the NP could not afford it in their time. Unfortunately the same applies to the current ANC government. Even in good old Zimbabwe there are more than one institute who's members are allowed to register as auditors. IF somebody could direct me to the chappie in the IRBA that will accept a bribe to ensure the appointment of members of other suitable institutes as registered auditors as well, I'll start with the necessary arrangements. Hopefully it won't be Trevor's mate, the Chairperson... He might prove to be a bit expensive, but we can always work on large deposit and a future payment scheme, surely
Submitted by : Pete Swanepoel of MONTCLAIR on 2010-08-26 11:29:39
You are very kind when you say the second part of this statement is still possible: "dragging the country’s reputation - and that of its bankers - down the drain". But you're right: To most people our bankers have this crazy, undeserved reputation of being squeaky-clean and "world-class" - Hang on, make the latter "deserved".
Submitted by : Howard Klaaste of Port Elizabeth on 2010-08-25 22:27:15
I want to know more!

Who is Gnome?

Editor's Note
Mr. Nose knew you would be interested, hang around, more coming soon...
Submitted by : Jon Quirk of River Club on 2010-08-25 18:32:53
A certain Douw Steyn was heavily active in financial rand dealings ....


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